Mr. President, They Don’t Hate Us Any More!!

By Hesham Tillawi, PhD

Headdresses have been a part of the human race since humanity first found itself on earth. Headdresses (or head coverings) have been used for protection from the elements, for ceremonial reasons, or to signify some sort of an official affiliation. Many headdresses worn today are often highly symbolic and deeply entrenched in tradition. The black and white Arab Headdress has, since the sixties, been identified with the Palestinian people even though it has been worn by many people in the Arab World. In the West, the Palestinian Keffiyeh became the symbol of freedom and resistance for many people fighting for many social, economic and, political issues. In the last Forty years as sympathy for the Palestinian cause has increased so did the use of the Palestinian Keffiyeh and other versions of it such as the scarf. People wore the scarf and the Keffiyeh in Anti-War Rallies, protesting the G-8 Summit, World bank and IMF meetings, G&L, Union protests, Greenpeace, etc… The Palestinian scarf became a universal symbol for people seeking freedom and justice in their lives as much as the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ image of the snake was during the times of the American Revolution. Don’t blame the Palestinians if their claim to fame happens to be the longest oppressed people in modern history.

Dunkin’ Donuts abruptly canceled a coffee ad in which homemaking guru Rachael Ray wears a scarf similar to a Palestinian scarf, even though in actuality it was not even a scarf. This was the result of the efforts of one Philippino-American Michelle Malkin (hatemonger and Neocon wannabe) a commentator for Fox News who played a big part in lying to the American people into annihilating Iraq after 9/11 as part of the Neocons’ planned war in the Middle East. Too intellectually challenged to do anything substantive, Malkin has made the business of bashing Arabs and Muslims her reason for being. Americans of Philippine decent know very well the danger of stereotyping and profiling as they look back at the concentration camps built in this country for Japanese Americans during WWII where Philippinos and other Orientals were imprisoned for no other reason than their looks.

“The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad,” Malkins wrote. Mixing fashion with politics, she went further in describing it as “hate couture”. She and other bloggers (with similar small-minded-mindsets) thinking that they had found yet another way of kissing up to their Neocon masters threatened DD with a boycott. Sadly, DD–like so many other entities these days fearful of displeasing the Jewish lobby–found themselves ‘Malkinized’ and thus, succumbing to the brief reign of terror, pulled the ad down, rewarding Malkin’s lies and fear tactics.

In September 2001, during a joint session of Congress, President George Bush in answering the question ‘why do the terrorists hate us?’ said: “They hate our freedoms…our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech…” He went further by saying ‘We must find the terrorists and stop them…’ Well, my dear President, I hate to be the first one to tell ya, but the fact is this–we lost to the terrorists…they don’t hate us for our freedoms any more. When the bride of fear mongering–Malkin–terrorizes an American corporation and forces it to take down an ad just because the spokesperson appears to be wearing a scarf similar to a Palestinian scarf, we definitely lost the war on terror. Our freedoms you talked about that the terrorists hate us for? Gone, no more.

For many years now many Americans used the Palestinian scarf, to mean freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom period. Now however, thanks to the Neocons’ totalitarian culture so much the fancy of Mz. Malkin and others like her we do not even have the freedom to wear a scarf. WE need to clean our house from terrorists before we presume to deal with someone else’s house. Shame on Dunkin’ Donuts for compromising our freedoms, a precious gem for which our Forefathers sacrificed everything to include them in our constitution and for which many of our people died to protect. Whatever happened to “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’?

I exhort my fellow Americans, indeed my fellow lovers of freedom and justice and REASON to wear your Pali-scarf proudly and head to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t give them your money, but instead just stand there in front of the store eating your favorite non DD brands while proclaiming your freedom.


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12 Comments on “Mr. President, They Don’t Hate Us Any More!!”

  1. p j b Says:

    Mal kin – appropriately named.

  2. Z T Minhas Says:

    The queston I have is this. Now that DD has painted itself in a corner, what are they supposed to do? If they would have let the ad through then all the letter writing zio-nazis would have had their work cut out for them, and their would have been a national boycott and negative press in FOX and the usual TV networks. You know that is true. Malkin fired the first salvo. Now that they have pulled the ad, there is still negative press, but not even 1/10th the amount that would have happened. You don’t see FOX saying how bad DD is for pulling such a racist ad, nor do you see any press on CBS, NBC… or in any newspapers. So DD is taking a smaller hit in order to avoid the bigger hit. I can’t blame them for it one bit.

  3. shukor Says:

    Poor Mz Mulkin, Philipino she is not. American she is not. Only ass kissers for the Neo- Cons. They truely are the cons.
    They are the true reflections of what hate is really all about.

  4. robertsgt40 Says:

    The real kicker is Malkin is married to a Jewish guy. What a hoot

  5. Revolutionary fellow Says:

    The leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran wears one of these too; Iranian soldiers in Iraq-Iran war wore them, all for Palestine. The enemies of Islam have good reason not to like their people wear a similar thing. Seems to be natural reaction, just as we don’t like people who wear ties; even in Press TV no one wears ties! I mean how a revolutionary anti imperialist can wear a tie!? So incompatible that would be.

  6. girlikecupcake Says:

    Well written. I think it was bull that DD pulled the ad. Since when is a SCARF, an article of clothing, a terrorist symbol? Since when are headdresses at all a terrorist symbol?

  7. Leroy Glinchy Says:

    Good article.

    The freedoms that Bush spoke of were freedom to consume not freedom of press. I don’t think he ever signed a law that strengthened freedom of press. If you looked at the RNC 2000, they did everything to stop freedom of speach not to promote it.

    Second what should DD have done? Easy.

    1. Publicly denounce terrorism and explain that they do not support it in anyway. Also, explain that their ad did not portray any support of terrorism in anyway. Continue the ad as the criticism is incorrect.

    2. Sue anyone who said that they support terrorism for slander. Calculate how much revenue they would have made had these incorrect claims been made and sue for damanges. Add on legal fees and punative damages.

    Pulling the ad kind of says to the public, “we supported terrorism before, but only through the vigilance of the press did these wrongs be righted.” I don’t think anyone in DD believes this. I love DD, and support them in any way. Their coffee is affordable especially their powder coffee and their dounuts are tasty.

  8. What makes us First Nation peoples really laugh is clowns like this woman wants to be a white americans with all the ignorant trimmings and whats sad is people can not stay in thier OWN homelands and deal with the huge problems there……nooooooooooo they have to come here and pretend that some white god and his son gave you my peoples land and the rest is history. Like me and my Iraqi friends say WHY DONT YOU JUUST GO HOME!

  9. Z T Minhas Says:

    I am so glad that Bitch-kin is not representative of the Filipinos that I know, but then again I am not in the United States. Most of the Filipinos that I know are either from the south in Mindanao or know of many who are.

  10. I’m sorry,

    If Michelle supports it, it’s only for her advancement.

    Not worth the effort.


  11. john Says:

    This pettiness is part and parcel of the creeping fascism that is pervading society today. Perhaps I should not use the word pettiness, as in reality the issue is part of the wider “neo-con” USrael agenda to demonise the Arabs.What sick societies we “civilised” countries are.

  12. elmysterio Says:

    It really bothers me that a low-intellegence hateful person like Malkin gets so much media attention. She is a horrible person. She’s a professional liar and a murderer of truth.

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