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2 Comments on “About”

  1. Skulz Fontaine Says:

    Dear Dr. Tillawi:
    Can I be Palestinian? I mean, you know how like there are an inordinate number of Jews in Amerika that have dual Amerikan/Israeli citizenship? Well, I want to be an Amerikan that has a dual Amerikan/Palestinian citizenship. Is such a thing possible? Cause you know, Amerika has “Black Amerikans” and “Latino Amerikans” and “Native Amerikans” and “Arab Amerikans” and “Catholic Amerikans” and so well, I would like to be an ‘Amerikan Palestinian’. Seems like a natural fit to me. I tend to get short shrift from my government although, nowhere near as violently as say Palestinians get short shrift from Israel. However, I did get the Amerikan government, courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service, to rename Wendover, Utah as Gaza Strip, Utah. I thought that was a pretty cool move. Yup, I did that all by myself. I’m kind of proud of that maneuver. Pretty darn shrewd in that sort of dastardly dissident sort of manner. When the remainder of Utah and Amerika catches up to the fact that I was able to get the whiz-bang IRS to rename Wendover, Utah to Gaza Strip, Utah, folks is going to be a mite peeved. Ah, it’s sort of a little too late now anyway.
    Any-who, I ask you about all of this on account of your being one really smart man. There is absolutely NO disrespect inferred by my making that statement. I just figured that if there were anyone on the planet that could help me even a little bit, it would be you. Heck, my pal Cracker Copeland has dual Amerikan/Israeli citizenship and Cracker is an anti-Muslim murderous sort of lunatic. So, if Cracker can have dual Amerikan/Israeli citizenship, why can’t I have dual Palestinian/Amerikan citizenship? I’d ask the U.S. State Department about all this but, I sort of got myself ‘black-listed’ by State. Gosh, why would State want to ‘black-list’ a nobody like me? I can’t figure it out. Hmmm, maybe it had something to do with my referring to Condo Rice as the “Queen of Diplomatic Cannibalism.” Or maybe cause of the ‘open letter’ I sent to old Hud Olmert. Olmert seems sort of like a genocidal idiot but I admit, that may very well just be me. Olmert sure gets Nancy Pelosi’s knickers all tied into a frenzied knot.
    So, would you have any thoughts on my idea? Would it be worth making an issue about? I can make an insignificant issue turn into a mountainous serious complication in a blink. Yup, I’ve got that part down pat. Nothing like a poet/writer/dissident wise-ass pitching the old histrionic royal hissy fit in full public view.
    Lastly, I admire the bejesus of your intellect and your skill with the word. The written word. Perspective is after all, about 99% pure literary skill and couple that skill with a world class intellect, and perspective becomes an informed consent. Yeah, I think the world of Juan Cole and sort of stole his handle.
    Anyway, thank you in advance for tolerating my wise-assery. However, my wanting dual Amerikan/Palestinian citizenship isn’t wise-ass whatsoever. That’s for real. I mean, why not?
    Skulz Fontaine
    Don Nash
    Gaza Strip, Utah/Nevada

  2. Hey I just realized that nothing I said made any sense whatsoever and that making big deals over trivial aspects of our meaningless existence is really just a big waste of time. I think I am going to go be a polygamist now, because that IS what we do in Utah.
    Skulz Fontaine
    Don Nash
    Gaza Shit, Yerp/Nevada

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