The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion

By Hesham Tillawi, PhD

 “Israel need not apologize for the assassination or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people.”Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997

 I came from a country occupied militarily by Israel to the land of “the free and the brave” only to find out it too was occupied politically by Israel.

The Palestinian people, holding on to whatever shred of hope they can, are counting on the day Americans see the error of their ways and change their opinion of the whole Middle East situation and understand it for what it truly is–A conquered, oppressed people living a hellish existence under a maniacal, occupying power and who will then contact their representatives in Congress and have them put the heat on Israel in fulfilling the agreements she made years ago with the PLO such as Oslo, Taba, Camp David, Wye River, the Road Map, or even Annapolis.

The sad fact however is that the Americans–as much as they champion themselves as a “free people”–are in no better shape than the Palestinians. On the contrary, the American position is worse than that of the Palestinians. The Palestinians can identify the enemy–he is the one with the gun and blowing away their loved ones. They KNOW they are occupied and oppressed. They KNOW how Israel occupied Palestine, killed its inhabitants and forced the majority of those who survived the carnage out of their homes and lands to then live as strangers in refugee camps.

 The Americans however, have no idea. Like a drug addict who thinks he feels great after shooting up, he does not realize he is a slave, to his substance and to his pusher. The history of how the Zionists’ controlled England is not shrouded in mystery. Through Jewish control of the British government the Balfour Declaration was drafted that “gave” the land of Palestine to the Jews after WWI, a land they did not own or possess.

 But how in the world did they occupy the United States politically? There is no real “Balfour Declaration” we can point to as proof.

Or can we?

Jewish influence in American politics–while there from the earliest days and certainly apparent during the Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman administrations–did not become the force it is today until the Kennedy era, or, rather, AFTER the Kennedy era.

As all know, in 1961 John Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States, a presidency cut short as a result of his assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Robert Kennedy, the president’s younger brother was Attorney General of the United States and therefore the head of the Department of Justice.

What is little-known is that the Kennedy’s realized early on that indeed the country was in trouble and that something needed to be done about it. The trouble in this case was the influence slithering its way into American political life from a far-away state only about 12 years old known as Israel. Both Kennedy brothers, learning politics at their father Joseph’s knee, understood the dynamic of this thing known as “Jewish interests”, how it would play out and what the repercussions would be for America.

 Of the many issues revolving around Israel and the Zionist question the two more important as pertains the Jewish state were (A) Israel’s nuclear program, and (B) the issue of an organization known as the American Zionist Council.

 According to Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh, President Kennedy was profoundly committed to nuclear nonproliferation and was categorically opposed to nuclear weapons in the Middle East, which meant opposing Israel’s nuclear program. Hersh states that JFK exerted heavy pressure on Israel to stop the program and was serious about it. At the time Kennedy was in the middle of crises mode with the Russians in trying to arrange a nonproliferation treaty with them and therefore Israel’s nuclear program would be a big embarrassment. In addition to being an embarrassment it would open up the possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia, given her allies in the Middle East, something made all the more believable in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost resulted in a nuclear war between the two giants. John Kennedy had nightmares about the prospect of nuclear proliferation, saying “I am haunted by the feeling that by 1970, unless we are successful, there may be ten nuclear powers instead of four, and by 1975, 15 to 20…. I see the possibility in the 1970s of the president of the United States having to face a world in which 15 or 25 nations may have these weapons. I regard this as the greatest possible danger and hazard.”

Secret letters and secret meetings between Kennedy and Ben-Gurion give a clear picture of the difficulty Kennedy faced in negotiating with the Israeli Prime Minister who stated many times that nothing will save Israel but nuclear power. According to author Michael Collins Piper in his book Final Judgment Ben Gurion wrote Kennedy saying: “Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger.”

 It does not take a skilled translater to figure out what Ben Gurion was saying, namely that Kennedy’s opposition to nuclear weapons in the Middle East was seen as an existential threat to the Jewish people and their newly-formed state. Going further, Kennedy insisted on inspections of Israel’s program as evidenced in a secret letter sent to then-Israeli Prime Minister Levy Eshkol that stated that American support of Israel “could be jeopardized” if the Americans were not allowed to inspect the Israeli nuclear facilities.

As if the aforementioned were not enough, there was another front in this private war between Kennedy and the “Jewish state” equally important in its scope if we are to understand what kinds of forces were at play here that led to America’s change of policy with regards to Israel. It involves the issue of spying, bribery and the direct controlling of American politicians by a foreign power and the one creature at the center of all of it was something known as the American Zionist Council and the Kennedys’ insistence it register as a foreign agent under the provisos of FARA, the Foreign Agent Registration Act passed by Congress back in 1938 to prevent German agents in the U.S. from buying their way into the American system of government and public opinion. The purpose of FARA was “to insure that American public and its law makers know the source of information- propaganda intended to sway public opinion, policy, and laws.”

In other words the Kennedy’s understood the danger of the Zionist Movement on the United States of America and treated it just like Germany was treated during the Hitler years. The Kennedy’s understood the reality of the situation as it existed during their days in government, that the AZC was an agent of a foreign government, Israel, which would prevent it from buying American politicians and exerting the kind of influence over public opinion making that for all intents and purposes is now is a fait accompli.

Negotiations went back and forth between the Department of Justice headed by the President’s brother Robert and the American Zionist Council. The council refused to register and the DOJ tried to exert pressure on them, even going so far in one instance as giving them 72 hours to register, but at no avail. Examining the newly-de-classified documents containing the minutes of those meetings between the DOJ and the AZC one can see the language of gangsters being used. In one of those documents dated May 2, 1963 the head legal counsel Simon H. Rifkind for the AZC explained to the representatives of the DOJ the nature of the AZC, saying “The council is composed of representatives of the various Zionist organizations in the United States” and thereby, in effect, it represented “the vast majority of organized Jewry within this country.” The message was clear here–As far as organizations go it is big and powerful. Judge Rifkind obviously wanted to make sure the Kennedy’s knew they were picking a fight with a gorilla and not some small mouse.

He did not stop there but went further by stating that the vast number of Jews who adhered to the principles of Zionism could not understand how “our administration” could “do such harm to the Zionist movement and impair the effectiveness of the council by insistence on registration.”

Here Judge Rifkind made sure he used the phrase “our administration” instead of “our government” to make a specific point, namely that he was talking about Kennedy personally, that it was the Jews responsible for him getting elected and that if he continued with his agenda he was in effect entering into a war with organized Jewry.

Another meeting very much worth noting was held on October 17, 1963 between DOJ and AZC. In this meeting Judge Rifkind insisted on non registering, citing that fact that “It was the opinion of most of the persons affiliated with the Council that such registration…would eventually destroy the Zionist movement” and adding that he did not believe his clients would “file any papers or sign any papers indicating that the organization was an agent of a foreign principal”. In other words, “Screw You America and your laws, we’ll do what we want” as well as threatening the administration and telling them who really ruled the country, not the Kennedy brothers but rather the persons “affiliated” with AZC. Once translated from Gangsterese into understandable political language, this statement was in effect a direct warning/threat to the Administration that the war was on. It is up for grabs whether or not the Kennedys understood this to be the real threat it was, but nevertheless the Administration decided to continue with its position.

On November 22, 1963 President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. As the AZC went away into the sunset, AIPAC came riding in, born and led by the same persons who created and managed AZC for the same purpose. This time however, the message went out clearly for all on Capitol Hill to hear and understand–“Do not stand in our way of influencing public opinion, policy, or laws.”

Obviously, the message has been effective, as all American leaders save a few such as James Traficant have done as instructed. According to the former Congressman, Israel receives $15 Billion worth of aid from the American Taxpayers without a single discussion or a single argument on the floor of either the house of Representatives or the Senate. Why? Because no one dares to question it. Why is it that most of our politicians make pilgrimage to Tel Aviv and the “wailing wall” in Jerusalem to get the blessing of Israel before they are even approved by their own political parties here in the United States? Why is it our Congress is always split down the middle on all other issues presented to them except when it deals with Israel? We all still remember the comment made by former Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon to his Foreign Minister Shimon Peres in October 2001: “Don’t worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America.” When people with eyes to see state that fact they are called anti-Semites, despite the fact that what is being said is the truth.

 The “control” Sharon spoke about has been there for a long time now. Consider what the late Senator Fulbright (who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and who held hearings back in 1963 regarding the AZC and the fact it should be registered as a Foreign Agent registration) said when speaking on the CBS television program “Face the Nation” had to say–

 “I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews…Terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on Congress… the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get Congress to do anything they (the Jews) don’t approve of.”

These words were not spoken by a researcher or a reporter but by a brave American hero who actually lived through and experienced the Jewish influence over our political system and media.

This Israeli political occupation of the United States should not go on unchallenged, and American Jewry should understand that secrets cannot be hidden from the people forever. Nothing less than a revolution will correct this situation. The corrective action should be taken at the ballot boxes by electing people who are not afraid to challenge AIPAC and the likes and make America’s Foreign Policy truly American and not Israeli.

As a first step in this process, let us keep the words of our dear martyred President John F Kennedy in mind– “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”.


Hesham Tillawi, PhD International Relations is a Palestinian American writer, Political Analyst and a TV and Radio Talk Show Host. His program Current issues with Hesham Tillawi can be viewed Live every Thursday evening at 6:30PM Central Standard Time on Cox Cable system Channel 15 in Louisiana, Nationwide on Bridges TV, and Worldwide on Amazonas Satellite, as well as Live on the Internet at and can be contacted at Interviews then archived for on demand viewing at Radio show broadcast on RBN every Saturday at 4-6 PM Central Time

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77 Comments on “The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion”

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    • Tom Says:

      Excellent summation of the JFK facts as I have understood them. Ted Kennedy was, at least, spared the fate of being buried in a blue-and-white hexagon flag…that would have been even more of a mockery than his blackmailed life.

  2. Manu Says:

    When more people start openly and publicly pointing out the jews and their control over america, the zionist house of cards will fall.

    • Paul Says:

      You’re right on that, when Americans acknowledge what is going on something positive can happen. But regrettably it’s when and IF (the biggest little two letter word).

      • Bob Cooper Says:

        Paul I couldn’t agree more with your views. I despair though that the American people will ever come to the realization that they are being deceived.

        I’m sure most of the educated Americans are already aware but the many millions of American rednecks who slavishly follow evangelists like John Hagee and Pat Robertson will be unlikely to ever see the deception.

  3. Avenger Says:

    what was once the danger of controlling america has now become the possibility of controlling the whole world through violence.

  4. James Says:

    Bravo, Dr. Tillawi! Thank you for stating the case succinctly and well. But how many Americans are aware of the disastrous, destructive influence Israel exercizes over American policy, how many enemies it has made for us, and how it has damaged our security beyond repair? And now the Jewish banksters of Wall Street, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve are looting what wealth Americans still possess, as the American economy continues in free fall, deliberately collapsed by the international Jewish bankers. What Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said to Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is coming true: “When we have extracted everything we can from America, it can dry up and blow away.”

  5. Sam Says:

    Your have, of course, scored another bullseye. The problem facing America is how to achieve the transition to true democracy without a revolution. The criminals who dicate the agenda and control the corridors of power happen to have the most powerful crime syndicate in the history of the US. Let us face it, they killed a president and got away with it. The revolution I have in mind is removing the mass media from their control as a first step, then hunting down and dismantling the crime syndicate, followed by decontamination of DC and the Churches that have been infiltrated and influenced by Zionists. Everything else will fall into place, otherwise a real holocaust becomes a distinct possibility.


    What a nasty turn of events that just when we need our state National Guard troops and their equipment here at home to defend the states against federal tyranny, they are all in the Middle East fighting and dying to promote Zionist strategic and tactical designs in the region.







    GAME OVER!! Go Jimmy!!

  7. Steve Says:

    Their control remains supreme, but the object of their desire receds faster than ever before, and they are showing the desperation of rats who realise something is wrong but have not yet realised the ship is sinking.

  8. petr vojta Says:

    Excellent artical, thank you,my depest respect to , PhD Hesham Tillawi
    Peter Czech Republic

  9. gman Says:

    We just had a military practice whatever here in NY this weekend. Large military helos and humvees all over the town, all in the guise of a “practice” for the military. What could they be practicing for??? Martial law takeover comes to mind, certainly. Anyone notice increased chemtrail activity lately?? Massive spraying here in NY! Something is brewing and it cannot be good!

  10. Laurie Says:

    The so called leaders of this planet are all criminally insane…the only thing they know is control by destruction…

    they control with wars (funding both sides), HAARP and Weather Modification, Chemtrails spewing into our atmosphere, GM Food destroying our health, GMO’s released into our soil, man made viruses and diseases, toxic vaccines, the teaching of junk science and a dumbed down medical profression turned into ticket writers offering their patients designer drugs that cause more side effects than what they are treating, using anti-semite when ever someone talks down Israhell, money for destruction and nothing for the people, rigged elections, debt slavery, usary, brainwashing folks into sex crazed lunatics, dumbed down education system, war equals peace, ignorance is bliss and controlled media, teaching a throw away society and greed at all costs…everything is sick and dying at their hands…

    the time is now to take control back from these criminals or face the next great extinction of this planet.

  11. Ron Says:

    Not one of the survivors of the deliberate attack on
    the USS Liberty would disagree with this article would
    be my guess. It seems to be literally impossible to follow the due legal process to get anything even remotely close to the truth about the USS Liberty out
    to the public. The MSM shuns us like the plague, the
    congress ignores us when we write, so where are we at now? It is the people, and if the people don’t wake up to what we as the survivors have been tryng to tell them then we are doomed. We cannot tell the American people because the MSM blocks us on every avenue and you know who owns most of the MSM anyway.
    Only until they get hit in the pocketbook do the American people seem to understand.

  12. Until we the people stand up to the criminal Zionists who have gained control over OUR country, we will continue to be slaves to them. The recent march on Washington, D.C. on September 12th is a beginning. But we need to have these marches in every state and have tens of millions of Americans participating, no matter the party affiliation, ethnicity, or social status! They want us DIVIDED against ourselves and not realize that it is THEM who is the enemy! Stop paying taxes, going to work, buying non-American made products. We need to start now and not stop! A lot of pain will happen, but so be it. Isn’t it worth saving OUR lives, OUR country, OUR rights, and those of others around the globe?

  13. logical Says:

    WOW, when you read the protocols and compare them to reality and articles such as this one, it’s quite obvious what is going on! It’s shocking that more people aren’t aware of the scam that is being committed on America. Then, if you speak about the truths of the Zionist state you are labeled an anti-semite… if you speak ill of Obamas policies you are labeled a racist….. this is the same tactic that is being forced on America, only with a different cover… The similarities are astounding!

  14. Patrick Sullivan Says:

    They have done wrong to the human race by creating nuclear weapons and their repeated attempts to launch these weapons upon us.

    A humane institutional setting is what is called for to allow the time necessary for them to work through the afflictions that trouble their Minds.

  15. Saladin Says:

    The blind leading the blind, is it any wonder our country has fallen into a pit?

  16. Les Pisrael Says:

    One comman triate, that runs in all Ashkenazie (Zealots) Jews,even if they change religions:
    Pathological Born Liars :^/

  17. anon Says:

    The Jewish population of the US is just over five million. They represent 1.6% of the population.

    Apparently the reason Zionist Jews control the media, congress and many other state institutions in the US and elsewhere is because they are intellectually superior.

    This argument completely disregards the fact that these people are mostly psychopathic liars and criminals who have no moral values whatsoever.

    When will that other 98.4% of the US wake up to the fact they have been enslaved as a nation to carry out the bidding of Israel?

    • Abeck Says:

      Well, there’s intellectual superiority and then there’s the criminal mind. I’d have to say (esp when I know the fairly low I.Q. of collective Israel) that these people tend to have the criminal mind down-pat. The main reason for the ownership of media, etc…, has to do with nepotism and not so much intellect. If one person, in power, adds his friends (or those like him) to other seats of power, the possibilities are endless.
      That is how I see what has happened with OUR media, our government, and Israel. Nepotism…

      • FEDUP Says:

        I don’t think it is either the intellect or the criminality…I’m convinced it’s the Monetary $$$$$$$$$ (money is power)backing of the Rothchild descendants that have allowed the zionist movement to BUY UP AND THEREBY CONTROL AMERICA.

        They had the money & influence (mostly via threats) to buy up our media so we hear only what they want us to hear and read only what they want us to read, etc., etc., they own all the big corporations; Standard Oil, General Electric, The FDA, Big Pharma,

        Don’t get me started! I can’t say more for fear of being assasinated. They OWN US NOW!

  18. Edwar Allen Says:

    Two million in washington be very optimistic, revolution is in the air. Long Live the Republic!

  19. William Says:

    Anti-GENTILISM is the source of “antisemitism”. HUMANITY did not invent “antisemitism” and then wait thousands of years for judaism to appear, just so everybody could “hate” it for absolutely no reason. Jacob invented judaism, Moses (another “gem” of humanity) codified anti-GENTILISM in his “torah”. Then judaism practiced anti-GENTILISM, their hatred of ALL NON-jews, and the only SANE reaction of any NON-jew is self defense, which the “Tribe” calls antisemitism.
    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.

    • Abeck Says:

      Excellent point(s)!
      I have read a lot about and against Israel and Zionism, but I have never seen it put so succinctly and on the mark.

  20. revolution Says:

    I am absolutely shocked the MegaPhonies haven’t set off their alarms and sent their brainwashed drones to descend on this website to cry “anti-semitism”!! and holocaust™!!! in addition to whatever drivel they are spouting in their despicable defense… counting down….

  21. hANOVER fIST Says:

    99% of crimes are solved by finding out WHO BENEFITTED from said crime.

    I’d have to say…sounds like Israel benefitted greatly from the assassination of JFK, much more than any of the proposed suspects.

    Cuba – more sanctions, no benefit;
    The “Mafia” – practically gone, no benefit;
    Lee Harvey Oswald – DEAD, no benefit;
    Israel – nukes, enslaved Congress, $15 billion a year (according to Jim Traficant), HUGE BENEFIT

  22. Chuck Says:

    The overwhelming coincidences of 9-11 appear to draw the israelies into the mix. If you have not looked at the web site:
    you might possibly believe whoever was involved were definitely murderers and should be criminally prosecuted.

  23. Dr.Ned Ammari Says:

    It is an excellent article. A kind of wake-up call,however late to the American people. Much more article like this is badly needed.

  24. Anti-Zionist Says:

    As Dr. Tillawi said, ‘nothing less than a revolution will correct this situation’. But this contradicts with the suggestion that ‘The corrective action should be taken at the ballot boxes by electing people who are not afraid to challenge AIPAC…’.

    As has been just experienced by the Americans, ballot boxes don’t bring about any change. Changes are brought through revolutions, and revolutions cost blood. Sadly, Americans are paying the cost, with no returns.

  25. Palestinian Says:

    Thank you Dr. Tillawi for speaking the truth, I salute you for being honest and truthful. I believe Zionism is controlling the world its global. The war in Iraq was for their benefit for oil and they used American men to fight and get killed there. They use deception, corruption and fraud to gain their means. But why? What are they getting from all this evil actions. Since the Bible they were known for their evil doings, I believe there’s conspirancy agiansts all the evil taking place in the world.

  26. Lawrence Lau Says:

    Thank you very much for your eye-opening piece. What you wrote about was known to many US leaders a long time ago but they were so deathly afraid to speak out. Shame on them!

    It is not going to be easy for Americans to break the stranglehold Jews (Zionist Jews, to be exact) have on America. You see, the majority of Americans are such apathetic and parochially-minded folks, and they have been dumbed down by the Zionist-controlled media and Education system. However, it is noticeable that ever since THE LOBBY AND AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY (by Prof. John Mearsheimer and Prof. Stephen Walt) came out, an increasing number of Americans are becoming aware of the Zionist menace. Hopefully, very many more Americans will wake up sooner than later and save themselves from their so-called “allies”.

    By the way, the concluding section of the article THE UNKNOWN HOLOCAUST AND THE HIJACKING OF HISTORY by Mark Weber at

    tells us

    “……Thirty seven years ago, two of the most powerful men in our country, indeed, in the world, frankly discussed this matter in a private conversation that should be much better known. It was in 1972, in the oval office of the White House. President Richard Nixon and the Rev. Billy Graham — the nation’s best-known and most influential Christian evangelist — were alone. These were not just prominent and influential men. They were shrewd and astute individuals who had accomplished much in their lives, and who had thought a lot about what they had observed and experienced over the years.

    We know about this one-on-one conversation, and exactly what the two men said to each other, because Nixon had arranged for all conversations in his office to be secretly recorded. He regarded these recordings as his personal property, but he was later forced by court order to give them up. It wasn’t until thirty years later — in 2002 — that this conversation was finally made public. / 30

    Here’s how their talk went. Graham said: “This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.” The President responded by saying: “You believe that?,” “Yes, sir,” said Graham. “Oh, boy,” Nixon replied, “So do I. I can’t ever say that, but I believe it.”

    Now consider for a moment what this means, for America and the world, and for us today. Here’s the most powerful political personality in the United States, indeed the most powerful man in the world, and the most influential religious figure in the US, in agreement about the Jewish hold on our media. They didn’t talk about the Jewish role in the media, or even Jewish domination of the media. They spoke about a Jewish “stranglehold” on our media.

    For everyone who cares about our nation and the world, it’s worth asking and answering two questions. First, were Nixon and Graham right? Were they correct in what they said that day about what they called the Jewish “stranglehold” on the media? And, second, if they were right, what does that say about America and our society?

    Two of the most influential men in our country were so afraid of the intimidating power of the organized Jewish community that they felt unable even to mention publicly this “stranglehold” — that’s the term Graham used — on our media, a “stranglehold” that they regarded as so harmful that unless it is broken, America, again, their words, is “going down the drain.” What a telling commentary on the corruption and perversion of our national life! If Nixon and Graham were right, is it not important, indeed, imperative, to clearly and forthrightly address the reality of this hold on our media?………….”

  27. Dave Says:

    America will not rise against the Jews.
    They are too powerful. Sharon is right
    “jews run America and the Americans know it”.
    That tells it all. They will bleed you dry.
    Our politicians are all cowards.

  28. Abeck Says:

    I wonder; if one was to ask ALL of Obama’s cabinet, privately, where their allegience lies, I would wager a bet that it would be WITH Israel; moreso that the USA, they would stand with their “other” country, Israel. Just look at who he has there: MOST are what we call, “dual citizens”. They hold allegience to Israel AND the U.S., but I highly doubt they would chose the U.S. of A. as their primary concern.
    When Obama was running and looked to be a sufficient puppet of Israel, he was backed by AIPAC. Because of the “conflicts”, in particular the breaking of internationa laws, by Israel, we really should have a law against ANY dual-citizen holding a seat in anyone’s cabinet. I do doubt that would happen any time soon, though.
    As far as the Kennedy’s are concerned; Yes, Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby. But, do most people even understand WHY this Palestinian man would do so? It had everything to do with the U.S.A.’s complete and utter support of Israel’s destruction of Palestine, never regarding the lives of Palestinians who have been slaughtered and dessimated by Israel. While I do not agree with the murder of Bobby Kennedy, I do understand the principle behind such.
    The MAIN reason nobody in Congress ever questions all of our support to Israel is that far too many owe their seats to Israel– to AIPAC, and that includes our presidents of late. It also includes lower-offices, even mayors of certain (strategic) towns, i.e., New York. WHEN will America wake up to this fact and stop the monies to and from Israel? Until that happens, Israel will continue its’ strangle-hold on the entirety of the United States’ people!

  29. Sylvie Says:

    Like many articles starting with “How this and that came about”, Tillawi only describes the end product – Jewish Control – and not how it came into existence. In fact, he just describes one instance where this Jewish power was bluntly exhibited, not more.

    His reference to the Balfour Declaration would have been a good starting point to the “How”, but he quickly abandons it, stating that under Wilson/Roosevelt/Truman Jewish influence “did not become the force it is today”.

    This is by far the weakest point in this otherwise brilliant article, because the Balfour Declaration was not so much a proof of “Jewish control of the British government” (the Rothschilds controlled British policy long before) than a proof of Jewish control over the US.

    In fact, the infamous Balfour Declaration was promising Palestine in exchange for International Jewry entering WWI on the side of a nearly defeated Britain against Germany, which efectively meant bringing the US to decide a conflict in which they had nothing to do.

    So obviously, Tillawi’s “How” cannot trace German resentment against Jews to the Versailles catastrophe nor to the Jewish role in the Weimar Republic, nor explain the Nationalsocialist attempt to limit Jewish power dramatically which in turn led to an international Jewish boycott of German goods, especially in the US.

    He does not point to the role of Roosevelt’s Jewish advisers in the run-up to WWII, although the opinions of Kennedy’s father on that subject would have provided an excellent link.

    And, of course, he does not trace Jewish power to the 6 million post-war myth, although this was the direct trigger of the ethnically cleansing of his native Palestine and the reason for the continuing anesthesia of American public opinion.

    So, when Tillawi tries to explain “how Israel gained control”, he misses the essential steps, which were not the Kennedy assassination, but American messing in two world wars under Jewish pressure, in none of which American interests were at stake.

    • Bob Cooper Says:

      I’m wondering whether many would spend the time to read a blog that covered all the issues you propose on top of Dr Tillawi’s coverage. It was nice to get your summary of the other relevant points though.

  30. Thanks Sylvie… all valid points for a nice size book. The idea of the article was to open up a little window for people to see through… I am sure there are more things in the room for people to see… Thanks again for pointing out all the important issues.

  31. Sami Says:

    Sylvie’s comments are very constructive.

  32. Abeck Says:

    I am still (or yet) surprised this has been allowed to stand..; that it’s not been overrun by assaults of “antizionists”.
    Now, I reread this, and again, have to agree with every point made.
    Sylvie; you ALSO had some great points driven home very well. I’d love to see you further your arguments, though!

    • sylvie Says:

      “I’d love to see you further your arguments, though!

      I did, but my arguments have been censored, the comment I sent has not been published.

      • Abeck Says:

        Hmm. Well, that is too bad, as I would’ve liked to read more.
        I don’t know, sometimes, why certain posts or responses disappear into that black-hole of the net, but it is irritating (for me anyway) when that happens.

  33. Eliyah Says:

    Sadly you leave the vatican out of your equation! Why is that???

  34. linda Says:

    When someone calls you a antisemite in return call them anti american

  35. zarinaspeaks Says:

    You hit the nail on the head! I am not an American but if I can see accuracy in what you point out, they should take trouble and hold a mirror against their consumerism that they are being consumed by mere Israel! It is not even a state and theirs is an empty dream of having a Jewish state. Do they want to destroy the last Palestinian in their agenda of ethnic cleansing as they tried in Gaza and are continually doing that on a few people left in Bi’lin by harassing and killing and arresting their youths everyday? Why do President after President in America do not see this trap they are in?

    • Sam Says:

      zarinaspeaks: Why do President after President etc… The answer is because the Zionists have achieved control of both, the legislature and executive as far back as the turn of the 20th Century, the only exceptions being Eisenhower, who mildly resisted pressure, and Kennedy whom they feared because of his personal charm and wealth and was affronted by their offer of money, hence they arranged his demise possibly with the collaboration of his successor who covered their tracks!

    • Abeck Says:

      I know, Zarina. It sounds crazy (little old Israel running big, bad, USA).., and the people who are with Israel DO come at us as if we are totally insane conspiracy theorists. Funny, they are the people whose eyes are closed to anything but pro-Israel rhetoric, yet they cast aspersions at those of us who have an appetite for the truth!

      And, so, as usual, it goes…

  36. sylvie Says:

    When you “open up a little window” for people to see what’s going on, you better make sure it goes to main street, not to your backyard.

    If Tillawi’s window is on the fact of Jews controlling US policy, the Kennedy affair is too old. There are better, clearer and more recent examples. Most of us haven’t even been born in the sixties.

    If the focus is on how Jews historically gained that control, it’s the wrong fact. They didn’t gain control of the US by assassinating the Kennedys – whether they actually had their fingers in it or not.

    To understand the “how”, there is no way to avoid two fundamental observations:

    First, what Kevin McDonald calls the “Jewish ethnic networking system”: This religiously camouflaged tribal cooperation and feeling of superiority/impunity of a small group which takes every normal community by surprise. The only Non-Jew example that comes into mind is the Mafia controlling the highest levels of the Italian government, Justice and Police (dismantled by Mussolini, by the way, and reinstalled by the US troops in 1944 to facilitate the invasion of Sicily).

    Second, the extraordinary success of the Jewish war-mongering on the Anglo-Saxon side. When you get richer with every bank I help you to rob, it is normal that I become your chief advisor.

    The best example of this is Balfour and WWI. Can anybody explain why the US entered this war? Lusitania? This was one year and a half before the American declaration of war. And anyway, Germany warned the “neutral” US hundreds of times (including public ads in newspapers) not to deliver arms to England, especially not in passenger ships, or they would be torpedoed. But the greed of the East coast bankers was without limits.

    Without Balfour there would have been no US entry in WWI, without US entry in WWI, there would have been no Versailles, without Versailles, there would have been no Hitler, trying to clean up the most scandalous injustices (Sudetes, Austria, Memel, Danzig), no hate of Jews in Germany and no WWII.

    And, of course, no Israel, which takes us back to Tillawi. Because the Perfidous Albion promised Palestine to the Jews during WWI, but didn’t keep this promise until after WWII. After all, they still needed the Arabs for some time.

  37. A very illuminating article in Information Clearing House hitting ‘Bibi’ nickname of Natanyahu on the head!

    Gilad is a Jazz player and I have met him as a remarkable truth-teller.

  38. richard Says:

    America is the israel! The promise land under the new covenant. Caucasians are the true israelites, so its no wonder that edomite jews (which are 90% of the jews today) want to destroy us and our faith. Its a war! They the Edomite jew satan worshipers know it but the America people are clueless.i And now they want God out of our country.

  39. Dr.Ned Ammari Says:

    General George Brown was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff(CJCS)during the Administration of President Gerald Ford in 1974. I am a witness of what he said about how Israel’s military leaders as they came to the Pentagon and demanded the most advanced military arsenals,the U.S.military had not even used yet,to be shipped to Israel. I did witness what General Brown said on TV,not exact words but close enough of what he said: We,(meaning himself and his staff),told them that the Congress would never approve their requests and they responded not to worry about Congress;they would take care of Congress.

    Because he was stunned by the Israelis response about their ability to take care of the U.S. Congress,General Brown said that if that was the case,then they could do anything they wished to do in the U.S.

    Wikipedia,the free encyclopedia,provided the following comments about General Brown and what he said later on:


    During his term as CJCS(Chairman of the Joimt Chiefs of Staff)commented on two occasions,to Duke University audience in 1074 and a French reporter in 1976 that Israel was becoming a burden to the pentagon and believed that the reason for continual military aid was due to Jews having control over America’s banks,newspapers and elected officials. His exact words were:”They own,you know,the banks in this country. The newspapers. Just look at where the Jewish money is.” Although he was reprimanded by President Ford to apologize and pressured to resign nis post,Brown finished out his term under President Carter. Brown also predicted that Iran would soon become an important military power in the Middle East.


    It is regrettable that Wikipedia has failed to inform its readers and researchers the reason or cause that compelled General Brown to be so critical about Jewish Americans who most of them are really against Israel’s policy and its lobby(AIPAC)in Washington DC. I wish General Brown used the word “Zionists” instead of “Jews”.

    I am an Arab American who wants to see Arabs and Jews in Israel/Palestine live in peace and harmony together for the sake of their children and grand children. That cannot be achieved as long as the Israeli-Zionist lobby(AIPAC)has such an enormous and a pernicious influence in the halls of U.S.Congress and even in certain segments of the Executive Branch.

    Therefore,Dr.Hesham Tillawi’s essay entitled “The Israeli Occupation of America” is for real,indeed.

    The question arises: How to overcome such a detrimental occupation to prevent future wars in the Middle East?

    Answer: There is really no satisfactory answer to the above question as long as the Israeli lobby(AIPAC)remained unchallenged as a lobby acting domestically on behalf of a foreign power.

  40. Dr.Ned Ammari Says:

    I have tried to subscribe to wordpress,but regrettably I have failed sofar for reasons unknown to me. I am a computer illitrate. Effective Computer manipulation is like a foreign language to me. I have already written a post,supporting the essence of the content of Dr.Hesham Tellawi’s assay entitled”The Israeli Occupation of America” but unfortunately it has not being published yet. Any help from the staff of Any help will be appreciated.

  41. Victoria Says:

    Actually the majority of British Jews were against the criminal Balfour Declaration which denied the Jews the right to live in whichever European country they were born, and the real motive behind it was that the British wanted the Jews out of their country.Both Balfour and Lloyd George were the enemies of the Jews and khew what they were doing.Therefore, what goes around, comes around.

  42. GnoseBob Says:

    In a Pentagon meeting, LBJ’s Army Secretary blurted out “this looks like another jewish trick.” As he did so he realized he was just about the only goy in the room so, without missing a beat he added “smart people those jews.” This was before the USS Liberty and the Six Days War. At least he lived to be retired early in 1965, with a parade and military revue.
    The only one today who really understands America’s dilemma is Jim Traficant, who spent seven years in prison for his courage in placing American interests over those of self-centered Israel.

  43. David Baker Says:

    A rather significant issue related to the Kennedy Administration’s agendas was interestingly absent in this article, and should have been given due consideration when one discusses Jewish power in America: JFK was also intent upon eliminating the Federal Reserve, which is a collection of predominantly Jewish-owned banks. Currency was already circulated prior to Kennedy’s proclamation, but shortly after his assassination, this currency was recalled, and no mention of the effort has been made since.

  44. David Baker Says:

    Victoria, your statement lacks any recognition of Zionism’s unrelenting zeal to populate Palestine. To claim the British were plotting to deport the Jewish people is ludicrous. Even Germany tried to appease the Zionists by researching a means to comply with the stated goal of Herzl to establish a Jewish Homeland in Madagascar (Herzl knew Palestine was not a viable choice, and his prescience is well established today) Jews HAVE been thrown out of every nation in which they’ve gained dominance in media (particularly pornography), politics, finance, and organized criminal activity. Even a cursory examination of Jewish history betrays a common thread in their eventual expulsion from each host nation. However, in the 20th Century, Zionism played a much more crucial role in Jewish population movements than any other factor.

  45. Discoking Says:

    Great Blog!……There’s always something here to make me laugh…Keep doing what ya do 🙂

  46. Victoria Bazhanov Says:

    Why is placing the interests of American big oil companies over the welfare of 6 million Israelis a good or moral thing to do? Can it not be legitimate for people who actually think the opposite and take appropriate actions express their views in the open as well? No, I don’t think that American corporate interests should be more important over the lives of Israelis, and no, the oil is and should not be more expensive or precious than the people’s blood.Is that so wrong?

  47. […] The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public O… PDF By: Hesham Tillawi, PhD 14.09.2009 […]

  48. Israel’s catastrophic misadventure on the high seas laat weekend has only deepened the chasm between the two camps. Israeli troops raid aid flotilla headed for Gaza, killing nine. Israel’s deadly attack on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla was “inexcusable”, South Africa’s Nobel Peace Laureate, Desmond Tutu, said


    Prime Minister Golda Meir lying had said ‘This country now exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy.’ And yet still there is no such New Testament approval, prediction..

    • AnneB Says:

      Looney Ol’ Golda also said that there was (and is) no such country as Palestine; a major “point”, proffered by most zionists, even today!
      During the week or so after the aid flotilla to Gaza was attacked, I couldn’t count, on all of my digits, the number of times American Zionists said to me, “well, there’s no such thing as Palestine, so no such thing as Palestinians”. In other words, there should have been NO aid ships, as there was nobody to give that aid to!
      I do find it almost laughable, if that were true, why Sister Mary Teresa gave me such a hard time for my having difficulty in pointing out Palestine AND Israel on a globe…
      Makes ya wonder, eh?

  49. HSaive Says:

    In view of the media storm of “guilt by religious association” it may be time for Muslims to organize to demand the truth about 9/11.

    There exists many groups of specialists for 9/11 truth but no website collecting “petitions” yet exists for “Muslims For 9/11 Truth”. A lone Blog by that name is at:

    The closest religious group is “Religious Leaders For 9/11 Truth” at:

    Congressional representatives can scarcely ignore Muslim constituents who wish to clear the ongoing slander of Islam by innuendo and Media propaganda. By pretending to be on the side of human rights, the government and Media refuse to point out the real perpetrators of the biggest unsolved crime of mass murder in American history.

    This cannot continue.

  50. HSaive Says:

    I missed MUCJA, – Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

    • fahim jan Says:

      Individuals wiether they are ,muislim,christian-jewish can represent terrerisms or fumnding of terrerisms but can never represent the identaity or civilization of nations because is thats can be muslims whose terrerisms mostly the muslim are victims and such cashed can be in the christian also who can cashed his civilization bt can never be a christian,the israel is invader and as an consevitisms stats that why they can keepfair every things for thier joywish that i would say about the individuals of 9/11 truths.

      • ABeck Says:

        Each and every person or group has their truth of 9/11 and the problem, as I see it, is that when one dies not agree, part and parcel, with ALL of that group’s truth, said person is dismissed as wrong, loopy, insane. etc.. There is so LITTLE actually known of what happened on 9/11 that we are all left to speculate. regarding what truly happened, how it was acccomplished, as well as WHO did it. As Israel DOES run the U.S.; by Israel, I do mean the ZIONISTS, it makes most presume that it was zionists who completed this “mission”.
        Joe Biden, as well as plently of other non-Jews (goyim, as I have been called), that proudly proclaim their own zionist feelings, are NOT on the side of peace or the side of the USA. I am sure, for politicians, this is because their funding comes FROM Aipac/Israel. Even if it is the case that they are all over our government, we don’t need to actually have the zionists in our White-house’s cabinet in order for israel to run the head-puppet-in-charge, but I am sure it makes it easier. The fact that Obama has taken quite a few of them out of their seats is not lost on me.. it seems HE does want to be seen as one not owned by Israel, but the loss of seats means NOTHING, based on where the money came from (APE+PAC).
        To other posters here, I would like to note: Judaism does not equate to Zionism. One CAN be Jewish, as well as, Anti-Zionist. I proffer, JVFP, the Only Democracy(?) in the Middle-East, as truth and proof. Not all Zionists are Jews (Biden, Obama, Juliani, etc..) and not ALL Jews are Zionists (Shlomo Sands, Noam Chomsky, etc..) and for the latter, I am thrilled. I think we need to get more Jews on the side of America and on the side of PEACE in the Middle-East (and not Bibi’s brand of peace– which is running over, destroying, dessimating, all of Palestine to make way for more “Israelis”, to have no opposition). The Zionists continue to use that inane statement, “they (Muslims/Palestinians/Arabs) want to Drive us INTO THE SEA”, while they are stealing more of East-Jerusalem and the West Bank, and displacing the people who have survived into concentration camps in Gaza. SO, who is driving WHOM into the sea? Whose intention is most clear?
        Hamas has gone to the extent of physically removing extremists from the “front” (green zone) of Gaza in order to implement or continue their one-sided, tacit, cease-fire, yet Israel continues to BOMB, shoot, fire tear-gas at, etc.., incidentally KILLING many civilians, all and any Palestinians they can find in range. And, NOBODY is asking them why. Nobody in the world seeems to be offended (save a few of us without the power of the Ape-Pac) by Israel’s continued breaking of International LAWS…, leaving me to beg the question: where do we go from here?

  51. Sandgroper31 Says:

    I have come to the conclusion that there are so many factors behind the US support for Israel that it would be extremely difficult to overcome all of them. We all know that the Jews have USA by the nuts with their powerful control over the Whitehouse. Even if that were addressed by a president with integrity who could stand up against the power of the Jews( and after JFK who would have the balls for that) it would need a monumental change among the US Christians with their religious zeal and zany belief in Armageddon that provides both voting support and Neocon power to the Whitehouse to place Israel first in its foreign policy. Sometimes I feel myself wishing the world had a counter organisation to Mossad. Then I’d ask them to wipe out all the zany (and money grubbing) US evangelists like John Hagee who preach that the Jews must be in control of Jerusalem in order that Armageddon can come about. Then there’s another factor that needs to be overcome and that’s the fact that Jews control 96% of the world’s mainstream media. They won’t print news unfavourable to Israel. After Rupert Murdoch purchased the London Times the Israel correspondent submitted an article which described a conflict in which a youth was killed. He was told to resubmit it and “leave out the bit about the kid being killed”. He refused and resigned at the same time. The propaganda distributed by the Jews is all pervasive. Even my educated wife believes that because she’s read it there never was a country called Palestine and therefore the Jews were entitled to it. That’s a cause of resentment that I find hard to deal with
    I have a fear that the Jews are too much in control and have too much power for people like us to ever overcome which I know is exactly what the Jews intended.
    How I’d love to see the day when I’m proved completely & utterly wrong.

  52. fahim jan Says:

    And today not only the america is thinking abt thier hijacked position but the world is also thinking that how much a hijacked america by israel is latter a hijacked world security by israel.thats way i said get the truths before the truths gets according to the stratigies of the evils agianst the cilvilised world.

  53. zarinaspeaks Says:

    Dr Tillawi, as I said before today the Arab World is no longer going to accept the shackles imposed on them by the dominating power of USA, Israel and some EU countries. Their revolt in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere rising have to challenge these imperialist, subjugating, suffocating powers of USA and Israel, particularly. I agree with every word you pronounce in your blog.

  54. Jose Rodriguez Says:

    Dr. Tillawi all the politicians are made to sign a document that they will not pass any bills that go against israel. If they do they receive bad media and loose their polkitical career. Look at Bush when he wanted to take troops out of Iraq, CNN started an impeach Bush Chenney campain that lasted a day or two. he blamed Franks and said Petraeus said he needed more troops, when he did that all impeachment stopped cold! You have the document that makes the lobby illegal.

  55. Saad Alani Says:

    How the Zionists reach the political decision, while they are a small minority:

  56. Hesham another great eye opening article. Please post it on twitter along with Israel killed JFK the declassified documents. Remember you have to do it several times a week as they do for it to become effective,jajajaja

  57. N Myer Says:

    The internet will be the weapon that breaks the Jewish strangle hold on America. They don’t control it.

  58. ........................ Says:

    do not buy from zog

    do not shake his hand

    do not communicate with him

    it`s simple .


    ( switch off your tv set NOW )

  59. sabih1 Says:

    it is their plan to set up america against the middle east use america to destroy the middle east at the same time weaken america financially. once all opposition in the middle east is vanquished they will to the same to america.

  60. JEREMY GREEN Says:


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