Why Mursi of Egypt had to Go

There are only few people in the Middle East who still believe the “Arab Spring” is real. Most now realize that what is happening is a pre-designed plan executed by those responsible for bringing about 911 which gave the World Zionists the ‘Pearl Harbor’ they passionately sought, courtesy of MOSSAD and CIA.

Specifically, the ‘Arab Spring’–working side by side with the after effects of 911–is part and parcel of a demolition/re-construction project for the Middle East as outlined in policy papers such as ‘Israel’s Strategy in the Nineteen Eighties’, the 1996 “Clean Break” document and the infamous ‘Project for the New American Century’ also known as ‘PNAC’.

Before diving headlong into the recent events in Egypt keep in mind that everything happening in all the countries in the Middle East, specifically those sunni Arab countries, is based on the “BIG” plan. Egypt is no exception.

A regime change in Egypt was imminent as the Mubarak Regime was expiring like all other Arab regimes in the area. The question two years ago was who could succeed Hosny Mobarak as the next President of Egypt. The candidates at the time were as follows–

(1) Ahmad Shafiq, former Mobarak Prime Minister, whose election would not have changed much on the ground in that country and would have kept the “National Conference” (the party of Mubarak) in power. This was unacceptable to the powers that be.

Other candidates included Mohamed Al-Baradi, the former head of the UNAEC and a close associate of George Soros, the Jewish billionaire who financed the Egyptian revolution in its early stages including his funding of Wael Ghonaim and his youth movement. Al-Baradi had at the time absolutely no popular base to speak of and was labeled as ‘America’s boy’ in the elections.

Another candidate was Amr Musa, former Egyptian Foreign Minister and former head of the Arab League who was not popular at all. Probably the previously, unknown Hamdeen Sabahi was a serious contender but not serious enough to win an election.

The only viable political party on the scene was the Muslim Brotherhood, with its 85 year old history of organizing and recruiting on the ground in all Egyptian cites and the only one capable of defeating Ahmad Shafiq.

On January 31, 2011 a secret meeting took place at the American Embassy between a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the American Ambassador to Egypt. The topic of the meeting was the future of Egypt following the “fall” of President Hosni Mubarak. The United States offered assurances to the Muslim Brotherhood it would support the Brotherhood takeover of the regime. During the counting and recounting of the votes in Egypt, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Tantawi and warned him against playing with ballot boxes and said if Mursi is not elected the U.S. will be forced to re-evaluate its military and economic agreements with the Military Supreme Council.

As far as Israel’s long term goals in the region were concerned, Mubarak had to go, but the problem was that only one candidate can win the election, Mohammad Mursi. The Muslim Brotherhood with its 85 year history of anti-Americanism and opposition to Israel could not be easily ‘broken in’ and therefore plans were ready to deal with a Muslim Brotherhood President in Egypt.

Mursi was allowed and even sometimes encouraged to do things and say things that seemed to be anti-American such as his visits to Iran, China, and Russia and was allowed to remove the Supreme Military Council of Al-Tantawi. In order to bring about the regime change it needed, Mursi was allowed to win but would not be allowed to serve four years in power as many things could happen in four years, such as total control of the military by the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as securing the most sensitive positions in the economic and political sectors.

In other words, stability within the most populated and strategically important country in the Arab World which would have worked totally against Israel’s plans for herself in the area.

Therefore, the U.S., MOSSAD, and their people on the ground in Egypt went to work in removing Mursi and his party and destroying it forever and have thus installed in their place their own people such as El-Baradi who could not win an election otherwise. Thus, another regime bites the dust in this long journey of the ‘Arab Spring’.

Hesham Tillawi, PhD
Current Issues TV and Radio

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